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When you improve the way you treat yourself, you improve all your other relationships

You'll get to the root of your self-neglecting and self-abusing thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you can finally have the love you deserve.

What you'll get:

-10 lessons in video slides
-downloadable and fillable workbook in pdf format
-actionable steps with each lesson


Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Attention 
Lesson 3: Value
Lesson 4: Nurture
Lesson 5: Shame
Lesson 6: False Guilt
Lesson 7: Perfectionism
Lesson 8: Emotions
Lesson 9: Emotions 2
Lesson 10: Priority

I’d love to show you the truths I’ve learned + the steps I’ve taken to finally love myself in heart and action.
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What others have experienced in this course:


"Doing the lessons I learned things about myself that actually made me feel good about myself more. It helped me be more appreciative of the person that I am. I loved exploring/discovering things about myself."
"I am thrilled that through the lessons I can actually (hesitantly) say that I want to figure out what ways of self-care feel good to me, what my self-care should be about. And I feel like this is what I was looking for; feeling the desire to explore this part of myself instead of just going through motions, crossing things off my to do list."

"My experience working with you has been so positive. You have been so encouraging and uplifting in your spirit. It does allow me to see it is possible to keep fighting the good fight of faith. Faith that all people are not abusive. Some people want to help others. You allow us to want to be individuals and to see a positive future after sexual abuse."

"I felt encouraged and got specific tips on handling myself, especially in the aftermath of devastating responses to my abuse by my cousins. Christina is a wonderful wealth of experience--a good listener and gives great advice. Go ahead and do it--one hour of your life for many hours of benefits!"


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